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No-Spill Anti-Splash Anti-Wet Water Bowl

No-Spill Anti-Splash Anti-Wet Water Bowl

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Anti-Wet Water Bowl

Does your pet get more water on the floor than in its mouth when drinking?  Does the fur or hair on your pet's face get drenched after they drink?  Has your pet's water bowl ever spilled from being bumped?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need this water bowl.  Throw away your traditional water bowl and upgrade to the Anti-Wet Water Bowl by HousPup.  

Slow Water Feeder

The design of the floating disk makes it easy for your pet to drink.  The buoyant disk regulates the flow of water and prevents the water from spilling even if the bowl is bumped.  With the water flow being regulated, your pet will be forced to drink slower preventing any choking, sloshing, wet mouth, or slobbering water all over your floor.

Keep Water Clean

Dirty water can carry bacteria that can make your pet sick.   The floating disk in our Anti-Wet Water Bowl keeps your pet's water fresh for longer.  It protects the water from dirt and dust.   

Anti-Slip Pads

The anti-slip pads on the bottom of the bowl will keep the bowl from moving around whether that's when your pet is drinking or if the bowl is bumped.  No slip means no more spills!

Easy to Clean

When it comes time for cleaning, the bowl can be easily disassembled allowing you to quickly clean and reassemble the bowl in a few minutes.

Can Even Be Used in the Car

That's right, you can even use this bowl in your car.  Your pet can stay comfortably hydrated on road trips saving you the hassle of more frequent pit stops.


Holds 750 ml 

Overall size:  15.3 x 18.9 x 8 cm

Can be used for dogs or cats

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