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Portable Leak-Proof Dog Water Bottle

Portable Leak-Proof Dog Water Bottle

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Portable Dog Water Bottle

Gone are the days of worrying about how to give your dog water when you're on the go.  Simply fill up this bottle, throw it in your bag, or carry it along with you.  You don't need to tote around a water bowl or make a mess trying to give your dog water from a regular old water bottle.  This bottle is convenient, lightweight, portable, and durable.  Use it to provide your pet with fresh water without the hassle.

Easy To Use

The cap acts as a water bowl.  Simply unfold the cap, open the lock on the top, and squeeze the water bottle.  The cap will fill with water for your pet to drink.  As you release pressure applied to the water bottle, any water that your pet didn't drink will drain back down into the bottle leaving no water wasted!


Simply turn the lock into the "close" position, fold the cap down, and you're good to go.  The water bottle will not leak and can withstand large amounts of pressure without spilling a drop.


Our portable dog water bottle holds 500 ml or 18 oz of water.

Color Variety

Choose a color that best suits your pet.  Our portable water bottle comes in green, blue, and pink.


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