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Spill-Proof Feeding Mat For Dogs and Cats

Spill-Proof Feeding Mat For Dogs and Cats

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Keep Your Floors Clean

Our feeding mat is entirely waterproof.  It features raised edges to contain any food or water spills.  Rest assured that pet food and water will remain off your floors.

High-Quality Silicone Material

Our feeding mats are made of durable and reliable silicone that will withstand wear and tear.  They are built to last.


Because the mat is made of durable silicone, it will not slide around your floors, and also ensures that food and water bowls will not slide around either.

Color Variety

With several available colors, pick one to match your pet's personality or select one to match the decor in your home.

One Size for Any Pet

Our (47*30cm  // 18.5 x 12in) spillproof feeding mat is made to fit a food and water bowl for cats and dogs of all sizes.


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